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Please get acquainted with the Animal Central Family and their pets:



Dear fellow animal lover,

Welcome to my web site. I am a native son of Denver earning my veterinary degree from Colorado State University in 1977. Not surprisingly, I love animals and knew ever since I was a boy that I wanted to be a veterinarian. When I was young I liked to catch and raise tad poles so I could watch them metamorphous into frogs. As all you women will attest to, a part of every man is still a boy... so in that light...I still get tad poles and put them in my pond, the only difference is now I pay for them instead of scooping them up out of the Colorado ponds!

Along with dogs and cats my passions include exotics, birds and pocket pets which are of great focus at Animal Central.

My promise to both you and your pets that I will continue to improve my knowledge base and skill level, keep my state of the art facility up to state of the art classification, maintain a highly qualified and loving staff ready for you when you come to see us and always treat you like family.
George Stroberg, DVM, owner


B.A.M! - The newest member of our family!

I was born in Wyoming in June 2013. I learned to swim, hunt and play at an early age and my parents say I'm very smart! My goal is to grow up to be just like my older brother Keoki. Besides Keoki, I have two other brothers, Leopold, who I really like and Gunther, who is very annoying and has no patience with me. My sister Pippen is cool cuz she is very fast and lets me chase her around the yard!

I spend my days playing at Animal Central's doggie daycare and LOVE IT there! Come on over and see me.


KEOKI - Dr. Stroberg's Furry Companion


My name is Keoki, which means George in Hawaiian. I was born April 22, 2009 and was adopted by my owner Dr. Stroberg on June 29, 2009.

I’m still a young spirit so I have a lot of energy! I enjoy going to work with my Dad where I spend my days in doggy daycare where I play ball with Walter, Moose, Brodie, and Mongo, jump, run, bark, and try to ride my friend Mongo’s skateboard.

I always ride shot gun in Dr. Stroberg’s smart car, go on long hikes with my dad and mom and love playing with my dummy.

I’m always willing to make new friends as long as they’re not afraid to get slobbered on.


Meet Dr. Erin Wendt, DVM


Dr. Wendt received her Bachelor of Science in Zoology from Michigan State University in 2005. Then went on to recieve her DVM from Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2009. Dr. Wendt's internship consisted of small animal medicine and surgery at Florida Veterinary Specialists and Cancer Treatment Center, after which she moved to Colorado and joined the staff here at Animal Central in 2013.

If Dr. Wendt isn't downhill skiing, reading or listening to her favorite music in her off hours she can be seen "working with animals of all sizes with a passion for exotics, animal behavior and internal medicine" here at Animal Central. She wants everyone to know that " she really appreciates the opportunity to help care for your loved ones!"


JEANNE - Practice Manager


Jeanne and her husband moved to Colorado in 2005. Jeanne has worked in the Veterinary Field since 1997 and has held every position within the Veterinary Practice. She brings with her a passion for assisting clients help their furry family members.
Jeanne enjoys working with local Rescue Groups which includes being the Co-Director of Ruff Rescue of Colorado.

On a personal note she is the proud step-mother of 2 step son's~both which have completed their Eagle Scout.
Jeanne and her husband Mike share their home with 5 dogs, 2 cats and 4 birds along with the regular fosters that enjoy the love and warmth of a stable home.

ERICA - Veterinary Technician


Erica comes to us as a Certified Veterinary Technician who graduated from Bel-Rea in 2009. She has two dogs and one cat.
Erica's hobbies and interests include traveling, boating, camping, fishing, motorcycling, dancing, singing and learning new things. She is an animal lover through and through who always treats everyone of her patients with the utmost care and compassion.


JESSIE - Veterinary Technician


Jess has been working as a technician for almost 6 years now and has had all of her training on the job so loves to "continue learning every single day". Jessie loves spending time with her 3 dogs, 3 cats and her son Kane. She lives a very active lifestyle and spends quite a bit time working with little league sports for her son and runs 5 days a week.

Though Jessie has a love of all animals she has a special place in her heart for PitBulls. She strives to rescue and fight for them and the bad reputation they have developed due to extreme situations. According to Jessie when it comes to:"Pitties = Bighearts!"

Picture Coming Soon

MELISA - Veterinary Technician

Melisa earned a B.S. in Agricultural Communications along with her CVT at Utah State and since then has worked in veterinary medicine for over 9 years.

She has a special place in her heart for unsocialized pets and has 2 furbabies of her own: Sadie (a 9 year old, red heeler) and Tom Brady (7 year old, lab).

Melisa's favorite pastimes are going to the gym followed up by eating Big Mac's, hiking with her hounds and follows the Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots as a huge fan!


MEGAN - Client Assistant and Animal Care Technician


Megan didn't grow up with a lot of animals, but the 2 Koi fish and a stray cat named Breezy who owned the whole block and captured Megan's heart were the turning point of her deciding to work with animals. Megan graduated from PIMA medical institute in 2006. Right after graduation Megan adopted 2 Pit-Bulls of her own which are still the apple of her eye! Though Megan says she enjoys learning new things in the veterinary field every single day she enjoys her time best while being in Doggie Daycare and lodging. She enjoys all of the different personalities that belong to each individual animal. Megan's favorite thing at Animal Central is to watch the owners get dragged in to the clinic because of the dogs are so happy to come and play! Megan strives to "get better at what I do as a veterinary assistant, but most of all to become your animals' best friend!"

DEBBIE - Animal Care Technician Supervisor


Debbie has been in the doggy daycare business for 6 years. She says she remembers when she was little she always carried a leash with her and would always bring home new dogs, whether they were strays or just the neighbors' dogs. She has competed in many dog shows with her miniature schnauzers and has taken courses in obedience and behavior training, so she can tell you about the different traits associated with different breeds of dogs. Hannah, her 11 year old black lab; Tyler, her 9 year old miniature schnauzer; Conner, her year old great dane; and Kate, her 1 year old schnauzer make up her animal family. She says, "What can I tell you, I love animals, especially dogs!"


KENDRA - Doggie Daycare Handler/Kennel Technician


Kendra is a very dedicated employee who graduated from Pima Medical Institute. Kendra states that she LOVES her job and we here at Animal Central know how much the dogs love her (as can be seen in many photographs on the website and our facebook page). Kendra can be seen running, playing and snuggling with up to 10 dogs at a time within our Doggie Daycare! She loves meeting all the dogs and learning each and every personality of every single dog that comes to visit us.

When she isn't working Kendra enjoys hiking in the beautiful Colorado outdoors, going to movies and dancing the night away!

NORM - Doggie Daycare Handler/Kennel Technician


Norm comes to us with an A.S. in Veterinary Technolgy and is a certified Veterinary Technician. Norm has a passion for all animals and is really good at working with all different personalities and species of animals. When Norm isn't at Animal Central he does photography~ mostly wildlife along with landscapes of the beautiful Rocky Mountains!


ALYCIA - Doggie Daycare Handler/Kennel Technician

Alycia has been with Animal Central for sometime now and has years working in the animal arena. She has spent years developing her passion from working in kennels to having her own pet sitting business. When Alycia isn't here at Animal Central giving love and care to our doggie daycare hounds she can be found hanging out with her 11 year old rescue feline named Hope and her 1.5 year old lop-eared bunny named Kirby (both shown here). Alycia wants everyone out there to know that "she loves all the kiddo's at doggie daycare and loves walking in to all of those different sized wagging tails that she can spend the day showering her love on!"



KATHY - Groomer

Kathy has been with Dr. Stroberg for over 15 years now! She has over 30 years of experience in the animal care industry and is our resident expert groomer and doubles as one of our fabulous client relations specialists. Just look at her dog George with spike hair cut! There is no "mangie mutt" after she's worked her magic. Kathy has a C.M.A. from Tampa College. She would like you to know that she can't imaging working in any other field because "she loves the furry faces!"



HEATHER - Client Assistant


Heather and her husband Shane moved to Colorado in 2010. She has worked in the veterinary field for two years and wouldn’t give it up for the world. Heather has three dogs and one cat which she refers to as her kids! She enjoys the outdoors as well as singing, dancing and spending time with her family. Heather is a self-proclaimed "sucker" for a fluffy face and she’s ok with that.


AMANDA - Client Assistant

Welcome Amanda! We are thrilled Amanda has chosen to join the Animal Central family. Amanda comes to us with 3 years in the Veterinary field. She has previously worked in Greeley and in Aurora. Amanda loves working with animals and their owners and seeing the progress that they make after an illness or injury. When not at Animal Central Amanda spends her time listening to music, hanging out with her family, visiting the mountains with her fiance' or spending time with her kitty named Lily.

According to her she "loves kittens and would adopt all the kittens in the world if she could!" Go AMANDA!


G-BIRD - Resident


My name is G-Bird, and I am an African Grey Parrot. I once was lost and then found by a family with a small child. They were worried I might bite their child, so they donated me to Dr. Stroberg. I have one of the largest vocabularies of any parrot. But, because I am shy, I don’t talk to you when you look at me, but I will when your back is turned! The Frat boys originally thought I was a girl so they named me Gertrude, but once I came to live at Animal Central, they found out I was a boy and they re-named me G-Bird. I love to mimic Dr. Stroberg calling for Onie, one of Dr. Stroberg’s dogs, and sing “Who Let the Birds Out” to the “Who Let the Dogs Out” tune and then bark like a dog! I make a "bonk” noise before I bite anything, or I ring my bell while saying “Good morning” when people enter Animal Central. I’m a great recycler for the clinic since I tear up their old phone books and boxes to help trim my beak down. I’m picky on who I like, so I rarely allow close approach. I eat a variety of things; consisting of Harrison’s Bird Pellets, fruits, and vegetables. I love to dance for treats, especially pepperocinis, since they’re my favorite!


PASTEUR - Resident


I’m an endangered Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot. I’m the oldest bird at Animal Central. I originally lived with a young girl and her family, but she grew up and went to college. . They use to feed me lollypops, so now I have a liver issue. While the young girl was away at college, her family donated me to Dr. Stroberg because I was having a lot of medical issues. Since I have a liver issue, I’m on a special diet. Even though I have a liver issue, I’m still a happy bird. I’m constantly whistling and saying “Hello” and singing “I Left My Heart in San Francisco.” I tend to say “Grandpa” a lot, but no one knows why. I’m quite defensive of my girlfriend “Maggie,” another resident at Animal Central, and my cage, so when I’m cruising around outside my cage, keep your distance. I won’t bite you unless you mess with them. I’ll shake my head yes for a treat and puff my feathers up when I’m unhappy. Hope to see you at Animal Central!


MAGGIE - Resident


I came to Animal Central when I was a teenager because my original owner didn’t want me anymore. They were quite mean to me, always keeping me in a cage in a back room with a towel over me. I wasn’t socialized very well, which is why I am very picky on whom I like. I am always in my cage because if I don’t like you, I will run after you to bite you, but if I like you I’ll sing “How Much is that Doggy in the Window” for you and let you hold me. My boyfriend is Pasteur, another rescue at Animal Central, and I become very distraught when he’s taken away. I’m an endangered Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot. We come from Mexico or Central America and are a very common bird for pets. I love Harrison bird food, veggies, and chewing up boxes to help trim my beak down. I sometimes growl, grunt, and fluff my tail feathers, but only at people I don’t like. I’m always at the front door at Animal Central to greet all our clients, but remember keep your fingers and toes to yourself or I’ll bite them!


BONNIE AND CLYDE - Avian Lodging Residents


We acquired Clyde first. He was donated to the clinic because his original owner’s cat wanted to eat him. Clyde wanted to live and the owners didn’t want him to be eaten since he was such a happy bird, so Dr. Stroberg was willing to take him in. Bonnie was handed over to Dr. Stroberg because her previous owners couldn’t afford the medical attention she needed. She only has three claws on one foot because the other claw was bitten off by another bird. She is still in good spirits, always chirping with Clyde, making beautiful music. They both live in the Avian Lodging area so they always have new friends coming and going. They eat mainly Harrison bird food, but also enjoy many other things. They love to whistle, so won’t you come join in with them?


DEX - Kennel Lodging Resident


You can see me prowling around the clinic or back in kennels keeping the mice at bay. My full name is Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate, which is a drug that veterinarians use, and was given to me by Dr. Stroberg. I’ve had an interesting life and used up 7 of my 9 cat lives available. My tail is half the normal length because a rottweiler chewed it off, and my ear was bit off by another dog because I love to visit in the exam rooms. I almost died from chewing on an electrical cord and getting electrocuted. From that incident, I have half a tongue, my hair always looks fried, I have a chronic cough, and have a scar by my mouth from the electrical cord itself. What can I say, I love to chew on stuff! I’ve gotten my paws stuck in all kinds of string, and I have an extra dewclaw on my front paws, which means I’m polydactyl. I love attention, but only if I can climb up your leg to hang out on your shoulder. I’m great at catching mice, so Dr. Stroberg loans me out to friends to help them control their rodent population. I enjoy hanging out at Animal Central and hope to meet you soon!


DOXY - Kennel Lodging Resident


My full name is Doxycycline, a type of antibiotic that veterinarians use. Dr. Stroberg adopted me from his own kitten adoptions because Dex needed a companion. I came from Craig, CO with all my other brothers and sisters to be adopted out from Animal Central, but because I am so cute, Dr. Stroberg chose me to stay. He’s such a silly guy that he named me after a drug, just like Dex. I’m learning all of Dex’s habits like crawling up peoples’ legs for attention and catching mice. Soon I’ll be just as good as Dex, but not as clumsy as he is. I love to eat, which is why I have such a big belly that the technicians poke at. If you stop in be sure to visit me because I would love to meet you.








Thank you, Onie, for 14 wonderful years!


I’m an old man who was born July 22, 1998. I’ve slowed down in my older years, but my owner, Dr. Stroberg, gives me glucosamine, an anti-inflammatory medication, to help me be spunky and keep up with my brother, Keoki. My full name is Onya Berri, which means “White Ghost” in Aborigine, but my nick name is Onie. I was named after a Koala Bear in San Diego, California. I love to play ball, chew on toys that squeak, play with my dummy, and carry around stuffed animals. My favorite color is red, as seen on my collar. I’m a never ending food pit, so I’m always scrum-aging through any trashcan I can find to make sure there is nothing going to waste, and if there’s nothing there, I’m a good begger.

"We treat your pets well"
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